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What Are Different Types Of Horse Racing?

Whenever the idea of equestrian sports comes to mind, horse racing is the most common one that pops up. Horse racing is an age-old sport that has retained its glamour and popularity because of the excitement that it brings forth.

Not to mention that it is highly interesting because of the combination speed, endurance, different races of horses, their grades, and maneuvering skills that it entails.

Now, there is more to horse racing than just the three Triple Crown races; in fact, the various types of horse races are indeed mind-blowing. In this blog, let us find out all the different kinds of horse racing that are the most popular.

Horse racing

Different Horse Racing Types

1. Flat racing

This is the most common type where a thoroughbred horse runs on the flat and leveled ground which means there are no obstructions or hurdles put in the racecourse. In this, the horse will be judged based on its stamina, speed, and vigor. The course spans 1 to 3 miles.

2. Group racing

Groups are divided, notably groups 1, 2, and 3 also the age of the horse must be between 2 to 4. Fillies are allowed to race in this kind of race. These races are very interesting and the competition is very high. Group 1 is the top level of the race. Three-year-old horses, Fillies and mares receive allowances against colts and geldings or older horses.

3. Handicap and conditions racing

Horses compete in handicaps. The handicappers rate the horses according to their performances which means if the horse has speed and agility it will get a better rating than the ones that are a little slower.

4. Jump racing

In this kind of racing a horse that is 3 years old or more can compete in the race. This kind of racing is majorly divided into 5 parts such as National Hunt Flat Race; this one is also called bumpers, where horses overcome all the hurdles placed in front of them, Novice hurdling; the horses who couldn’t win a single hurdle race can compete in this race, Hurdling; horses jump over the hurdles and race either in Graded, handicap or selling company, Novice Chasing; this one is pretty much similar to Novice hurdling, Chasing; in this, the horses run over fences that too in open company, and they compete either in Graded, handicap or selling company.

5. Harness racing

In these races, the horse ensures the weight of the jockey as well as a sulky. The horses try to match a speed which is predetermined also they cannot break the stride. The world’s most prestigious harness race is the Prix d’Amerique, which is conducted every year in Paris. Horses are enrolled in the competition based on their earnings in a lifetime, and the winner is awarded a prize of more than 1 million euros.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other kinds of horse racing such as Allowance and Claiming racing, Stake racing, Graded stakes racing, Endurance racing, and others which also make this sport very thrilling.