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“We are ready to go,” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

As Liverpool gears up to make a return, manager Jurgen Klopp asserted that the club is “ready to go” despite admitting the team will face problems on Premier League resumption.

After a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier League returned to action on Wednesday when Sheffield United faced Aston Villa. Liverpool will resume their 2019-2020 campaign against Everton on June 21.

Liverpool logo
Photo: Liverpool logo

“We are ready to go, but we have to be ready to face problems because there will be problems. It is like it always was, it’s not new. In a football game, you have a plan for it and in the game, you have to force it through, or you have to adapt to another one or whatever. It will be exciting,” the club’s official website quoted Klopp as saying.

The manager wants the players to “stay greedy” before the game, in the game, and after the game.

“We have to play through, we have to be 100 percent disciplined, we have to be full of joy, we have to stay greedy before the game, in the game [and] after the game. That’s all what we need,” he said.

Liverpool is placed on the top of Premier League table with 82 points, 22 points ahead of the second-placed club, Manchester City.

Source: ANI