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FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

The 22nd edition of FIFA world cup is all set to take place in Qatar in 2022. This quadrennial international men’s association football championship will be played among 32 national teams. 2022 football world cup is scheduled to play from 21 November to 18 December.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar
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Being hosts of the tournament, Qatar became first team to contest in the competition. It will be first FIFA World Cup when it will be played in the winter season. Eight venues to host the matches.

Let’s checkout the complete schedule and fixtures of 2022 world cup in Qatar.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Schedule, Fixtures

21 NovemberMatch 1A1 vs A2Al Bayt Stadium
21 NovemberMatch 2TBC vs TBCAl Thumama Stadium
21 NovemberMatch 3TBC vs TBCKhalifa International Stadium
21 NovemberMatch 4TBC vs TBCAl Rayyan Stadium
22 NovemberMatch 5TBC vs TBCAl Janoub Stadium
22 NovemberMatch 6TBC vs TBCEducation City Stadium
22 NovemberMatch 7TBC vs TBCRas Abu Aboud Stadium
22 NovemberMatch 8TBC vs TBCLusail Stadium
23 NovemberMatch 9TBC vs TBCAl Rayyan Stadium
23 NovemberMatch 10TBC vs TBCAl Thumama Stadium
23 NovemberMatch 11TBC vs TBCKhalifa International Stadium
23 NovemberMatch 12TBC vs TBCAl Bayt Stadium
24 NovemberMatch 13TBC vs TBCAl Janoub Stadium
24 NovemberMatch 14TBC vs TBCEducation City Stadium
24 NovemberMatch 15TBC vs TBCRas Abu Aboud Stadium
24 NovemberMatch 16TBC vs TBCLusail Stadium
25 NovemberMatch 17TBC vs TBCAl Rayyan Stadium
25 NovemberMatch 18TBC vs TBCAl Thumama Stadium
25 NovemberMatch 19TBC vs TBCKhalifa International Stadium
25 NovemberMatch 20TBC vs TBCAl Bayt Stadium
26 NovemberMatch 21TBC vs TBCAl Janoub Stadium
26 NovemberMatch 22TBC vs TBCEducation City Stadium
26 NovemberMatch 23TBC vs TBCRas Abu Aboud Stadium
26 NovemberMatch 24TBC vs TBCLusail Stadium
27 NovemberMatch 25TBC vs TBCAl Rayyan Stadium
27 NovemberMatch 26TBC vs TBCAl Thumama Stadium
27 NovemberMatch 27TBC vs TBCKhalifa International Stadium
27 NovemberMatch 28TBC vs TBCAl Bayt Stadium
28 NovemberMatch 29TBC vs TBCAl Janoub Stadium
28 NovemberMatch 30TBC vs TBCEducation City Stadium
28 NovemberMatch 31TBC vs TBCRas Abu Aboud Stadium
28 NovemberMatch 32TBC vs TBCLusail Stadium
29 NovemberMatch 33TBC vs TBCAl Thumama Stadium
29 NovemberMatch 34TBC vs TBCAl Rayyan Stadium
29 NovemberMatch 35TBC vs TBCKhalifa International Stadium
29 NovemberMatch 36TBC vs TBCAl Bayt Stadium
30 NovemberMatch 37TBC vs TBCAl Janoub Stadium
30 NovemberMatch 38TBC vs TBCEducation City Stadium
30 NovemberMatch 39TBC vs TBCRas Abu Aboud Stadium
30 NovemberMatch 40TBC vs TBCLusail Stadium
1 DecemberMatch 41TBC vs TBCAl Thumama Stadium
1 DecemberMatch 42TBC vs TBCAl Rayyan Stadium
1 DecemberMatch 43TBC vs TBCAl Bayt Stadium
1 DecemberMatch 44TBC vs TBCKhalifa International Stadium
2 DecemberMatch 45TBC vs TBCAl Janoub Stadium
2 DecemberMatch 46TBC vs TBCEducation City Stadium
2 DecemberMatch 47TBC vs TBCLusail Stadium
2 DecemberMatch 48TBC vs TBCRas Abu Aboud Stadium
3 DecemberMatch 49Round of 16: A1 vs B2Khalifa International Stadium
3 DecemberMatch 50Round of 16: C1 vs D2Al Rayyan Stadium
4 DecemberMatch 51Round of 16: B1 vs A2Al Bayt Stadium
4 DecemberMatch 52Round of 16: D1 vs C2Al Thumama Stadium
5 DecemberMatch 53Round of 16: E1 vs F2Al Janoub Stadium
5 DecemberMatch 54Round of 16: G1 vs H2Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
6 DecemberMatch 55Round of 16: F1 vs E2Education City Stadium
6 DecemberMatch 56Round of 16: H1 vs G2Lusail Stadium
9 DecemberMatch 571st Quarterfinal: 49W vs 50WLusail Stadium
9 DecemberMatch 582nd Quarterfinal: 53W vs 54WEducation City Stadium
10 DecemberMatch 593rd Quarterfinal: 51W vs 52WAl Bayt Stadium
10 DecemberMatch 604th Quarterfinal: 55W vs 56WAl Thumama Stadium
13 DecemberMatch 611st Semifinal:Lusail Stadium
14 DecemberMatch 622nd Semifinal:Al Bayt Stadium
17 DecemberMatch 633rd Place MatchKhalifa International Stadium
18 DecemberMatch 64FinalLusail Stadium

We’ll update this article as official fixtures and schedule of 2022 world cup be released.