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Daren Sammy urges ICC to support BlackLivesMatter and fight against Racism

Former West Indies captain and two-time T20 World Cup winner Daren Sammy has spoken strong against the brutal killing of George Floyd and asked International Cricket Council (ICC) and other boards to take strict stand against racism in the sport.

On social networking website Twitter, Caribbean player said a lot regarding the matter and wrote that black people have suffered a lot and such people including him go through lot of social injustice.

Daren Sammy BlackLivesMatter
Daren Sammy BlackLivesMatter

“Right now if the cricket world not standing against the injustice against people of color after seeing that last video of that foot down the next of my brother you are also part of the problem.”

“ICC and all the other boards are you guys not seeing what’s happening to ppl like me? Are you not gonna speak against the social injustice against my kind. This is not only about America. This happens everyday #BlackLivesMatter now is not the time to be silent. I wanna hear u,” he added.

“For too long black people have suffered. I’m all the way in St Lucia and I’m frustrated If you see me as a teammate then you see #GeorgeFloyd Can you be part of the change by showing your support. #BlackLivesMatter.”