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Best 10 Football World Cup Matches Ever

The FIFA World Cup is one of the greatest sporting events to happen on an international scale. So for all the football fans out there, here is a collection of 10 of the greatest FIFA matches of all time.

10 of the best FIFA world cup matches ever

1. Italy vs Germany finals, 1970

This game is famously known as the game of the century. In a miraculous turn of events, Italy won against a strongly defensive German team. The game was held in Mexico City, and it was passionate and aggressive. Italy recorded five goals in extra time, moving ahead to the finals of the World Cup. With over 100,000 people in attendance, the atmosphere of the match was electrifying.

2. Brazil vs Italy, 1982

Although this was a second-round match, it has to be one of the greatest displays of athletic talent the world has ever seen. The Italian Paolo Rossi scored three goals to drive out the reigning king Brazil out of the World Cup. By then, Brazil had already struck gold in three world cups, but the aggressive attacks from the Italian side were enough to win the game.

3. England vs Germany, 1966

This was the only time England won the World Cup. The winning goal was shot in the team’s native land. In the final moments of the match, England and Germany were tied at 2-2. But England scored her winning goals in the extra time of the match, going on to beat their German opponents at the Wembley stadium.

4. France vs Brazil, 1986

In this quarter-final match held in Mexico, Brazil outshone the French players in what has to be one of the most enthralling games of all time. The Brazilian prodigy Careca scored a goal in the 17th minute, which was equalized by the French Michel Platini in the 41st minute of the game. The extra time was favorable for Brazil, as they were able to beat France with a score of 4-3.

5.  West Germany vs France, 1982

The German team of the 1980s comprised some of the best players in the world. The aggressive semi-final showdown between Germany and France was a mesmerizing affair. With the total number of goals amounting to 5-4, it was a scoring game that ultimately favored the German team.

6. Hungary vs Uruguay, 1954

This game was a nail-biting affair, and it seemed like the scale could tip from one side to the other at any time. In a battle of almost equals, it was the passion of the Hungarian team which ultimately won the match. But Uruguay, one of the toughest football teams in the 1950s, was tough competition.

7. Uruguay vs Brazil, 1950 Final

Amongst the many reasons why Uruguay and Brazil hate each other, this match reigns supreme. The game seemed to be in Brazil’s favor, when the second half of the match saw the Uruguay team claw its way back, scoring the winning goal and taking the trophy home.

8. Argentina vs England, 1998

The opening of this game was made entertaining by the aggression of both the teams. However, Argentina won the match in the end, with goals scored in extra time and a couple of penalties.

9. Ghana vs Uruguay, 2010

This has to be one of those matches which will start conversations in the next decade. Luis Suarez’s handling of the ball at the last minute caused Ghana to take the penalty according to the rules. Uruguay won in the end, because of Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan hitting the bar.

10. Germany vs Italy, 2006

Nobody expected Italy to win against Germany, but they did, all thanks to Marcello Lippi’s two goals in extra time. The winning goal by Fabio Grosso in the 119th minute made Italy the champions of the game.