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Best 10 Cricket World Cup Matches

Cricket is one of the most celebrated and coveted sports- one that has gained popularity over the years of its existence. Obviously, therefore, the world has witnessed several memorable cricket matches that have left a deep impact on the minds of the players and the audience alike.

South Africa vs Australia 1999 world cup best match

Here, we discuss ten of the most memorable cricket matches of all time.

1. Sri Lanka vs England, 2007

In this Super 8 match, England tried hard to proceed to the finals. Indeed, the English team was propelled ahead via the high scores of Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, and Kevin Pietersen. However, in one of history’s most exciting climaxes, England fell short by two runs and missed the trophy. In the last ball of the match, Bopara was struck out by Dilhara Fernando.

2. Australia vs India, 1987

This match, an unfortunate loss for the Indian team, was exciting nevertheless. Luck did not favor India on this day, as the team lost eight wickets consecutively. They were very close to the finish line but lost to their Australian peers by one run.

3. West Indies vs Pakistan, 1987

Pakistan must hold a record for playing in some of the most exciting matches of all time. A premium example of this was the 1987 World Cup match between Pakistan and the West Indies.

Pakistan had to make 217 runs, but after scoring their 200th run, they lost three wickets quickly. However, Abdul Qadir and Saleem Jaffar brought the trophy home by winning the game on the last ball.

4. India vs England, 2011

This was an inconclusive match from the beginning, and it was difficult to assert which team would win the Group Stage match. In the end, the match was declared a draw.

5. Australia vs England, 1987

This was England’s best shot at winning the World Cup finals, as all the odds were in their favor. In the last over of the match, England needed 17 runs to win. However, Australia picked up the pace and ultimately won the match by 7 runs.

6. India vs West Indies, 1987

One of the most defining moments in Indian sporting history, Kapil Sharma and his team gave tough competition to the West Indies players. In the end, they persevered and won against champions like Haynes, Viv Richards, Greenidge, and Lloyd.

7. Ireland vs England, 2011

This will have to be one of Ireland’s riskiest successes. Kevin O’Brien led his team to a memorable victory by achieving a whopping 328 runs after 25 overs.

8. South Africa vs England semi-final, 1992

The Duckworth Louis Law was changed after this World Cup semi-final match of 1992, when, in a strange turn of events, South Africa needed 19 runs to win off of one ball.

9. West Indies vs India, 1975

In this world cup match, West Indies was almost destined to lose. However, in the final moments of the match, players Murray and Roberts turned the game and won with one wicket in hand.

10. South Africa vs Australia, 1999

This is widely regarded as the greatest World Cup cricket match of all time. The way Klusener single-handedly took the South African team to victory is truly unforgettable.

What’s your favorite ICC world cup match?