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Basic Guide To Bet On Cricket Matches

While cricket is one of the most exciting sports, betting on cricket matches can push up the thrills manifold. And yes some people bet on cricket professionally.

Wish to pick up some cricket betting skills yourself?

Well, it isn’t rocket science but, to be a successful bettor you must understand the know-how of betting. Before you go on to bet on teams based on your gut feeling and speculation, we will tell you all about the fundamentals of successfully betting on each match.

Cricket Betting
Photo: Cricket Betting

The basic strategies you can follow to bet on cricket matches are as follows.

1. Concentrate on a specific market

This means when you get into professional wagering, you must understand what the stakes are, and narrow down the scope. To start with, focus on domestic matches with great press and social media coverage just like the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The strength of the team is 16 players and it easily gets engaged in 14 tournaments every season. So, you see the numbers are not overwhelming and you can easily manage them. Once the round-robin stage of the match comes to an end, four semi-finalists get to play knockout matches and serious punters, by then, will easily understand the ins and outs of the teams.

2. You must be an avid researcher in this regard

You must be well-aware and well-updated of the statistics, and news. A serious handicapper like you must utilize this time to understand the histories, statistics, and much more of the different teams. This is applicable for both International as well as domestic cricket teams.

Gather as much information as possible of all the top players and the teams. Detailed information is available online on several websites. To become an expert in this field you must know all the weaknesses, historical trends, and examples where players performed specifically badly or well against any specific opponent.

3. Emulating bookmakers is yet another important tip

First, you need to understand what odds should be and then look at what odds are being provided. Now, you can compare your predictions with the odds offered by the bookmaker and analyze the figures. If there is any stark difference, try to find out why is there such a huge difference? You must become an expert oddsmaker.

4. Sharpen your skills with ODIs

You will get hold of a lot of information to analyze such as the trends of the teams, and how venues can have an immense effect on the matches. In the case of ODIs, you will get to know the results easily and fast because draws are not important in Match Betting.

5. In-Play betting can be very interesting

But then, you must understand that Wagers on Next Batsman Out, Method of Next Dismissal, Runs off Next Ball, and much more cannot assure success always which means the probability of success if very low. So, you have to be very wise while betting on live cricket matches.

Cricket betting is a very rational and logical concept so rely on predictable markets backed with data. In cricket betting, there is no place for emotions or gut feelings.

What are your thoughts on this guide to betting in cricket?