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Andrew Strauss could be next chief executive at Cricket Australia

Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss is in line to become next chief at Cricket Australia (CA). As per report published in ‘The Australian’, 40 seats in the organization have been removed in a development to meet financial crisis due to COVID-19 and Strauss can be the key to achieve that.

Andrew Strauss
Photo: Andrew Strauss

Men’s cricket batting coach Graeme Hick also get fired. Australian culture is not new for former ECB director as he represented Sydney University two decades back.

Kevin Roberts lost his trust and respect as Cricket Australia chief and management was dissatisfied with his role over managing financial crisis during Coronavirus outburst. CA chairman Earl Eddings stated earlier this week that CEO is the key role in our board and we’re looking for someone to manage the job deliberately.

“One of the most important roles of the board is to appoint a CEO. And that’s our role to do that. We’ll take our time and do an extensive search here and overseas. In the meantime, we have an outstanding candidate in Nick who can run the show in the meantime. I think that’s one of the most important things as a board that we do,” Eddings said.

Currently England’s Nick Hockley is managing Cricket Australia as interim chief executive officer.